Kansai and the Asia Pacific Economic Outlook 2017-18

Kansai and the Asia Pacific Economic Outlook 2017-18

発行元 丸善プラネット
発行年月日 2018年07月
判型 A5 210×148
ページ数 214ページ
ISBN 978-4-86345-379-1
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2017年10月に上梓された『アジア太平洋と関西 関西経済白書 2017年版』の英文版(英文版に当たっては内容の再構成を実施)。本書は「アジア太平洋の政治パラダイムと経済」と、「関西経済が目指す方向性」という2つのテーマを設定しました。




Message from the Research Director
Editors & Contributors
Preface: Growing together with Pacific Rim Countries

Part I: The Asia Pacific Political Paradigm and Economy
Chapter 1 The Impact of Protectionism on the Asia Pacific
Section 1 U.S. Protectionism and its Impact on the World Economy
Section 2 The 50th anniversary of ASEAN and the future of economic partnership
Section 3 Capital Flows in Emerging ASIA and China after the Global Financial Crisis
Box A Changing Dynamics of Global Value Chains in the Asia Pacific Region
Chapter 2 Asia Pacific Economies in Focus
Section 1 Rebuilding State-Owned Enterprises and the Real Estate Market in China
Section 2 The State of the Chinese Economy and the Belt and Road Initiative
Section 3 China: Rise of robotics innovation in Shenzhen
Section 4 Financial Mechanisms in Southeast Asia: Implications for Asian Financial Cooperation
Box B Australian Economic Issues in 2016–17
Chapter 3 Japan and Asian Economies in Transition
Section 1 New Developments of Middle-Income Economies in a Diverse and Multipolar Asia
Section 2 Building networks between the Japanese economy and Asian industrial human resources familiar with Japan
Section 3 Industrial reorganization in Japan and the rest of Asia

Part II: New Directions for the Kansai Economy
Chapter 4 Macro-Level Overview for Japan and Kansai
Section 1 Retrospect and Outlook for the Japanese and Kansai Economies
Section 2 Current status and near-term forecasts for the Kansai economy: striving to escape stagnation
Section 3 2020 Outlook: Update on Medium-Term Prospects for the Kansai Economy
Chapter 5 Economic Issues in Kansai
Section 1 Trends in the Kansai Economy by Prefecture during FY2015–2016
Section 2 Kansai’s Economy and Transportation Infrastructure
Section 3 Economic Implications of Osaka’s 2025 World Expo Bid
Section 4 Understanding Kansai’s Industrial Structure Through the Economic Census
Column C Inspiring Kansai Businesses that Have Expanded in Asia
Statistical Annex