For the Sound Development of Science

For the Sound Development of Science

The Attitude of a Conscientious Scientist
著者名 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Editing Committee “For the Sound Development of Science”
発行元 丸善出版
発行年月日 2015年05月
判型 A5 210×148
ページ数 170ページ
ISBN 978-4-621-08938-5
Cコード 3040
NDCコード 407
ジャンル 科学一般 >  科学読み物




SectionⅠ What Is a Responsible Research Activity?
 1.Responsible Research Activity: Why Now?
 2.Responsibilities of Research Conduct in Society
 3.What Is Demanded of the Scientist Today?
SectionⅡ Planning Research
 2.Value and Responsibilities of Research
 3.Freedom in Research and What Is to Be Protected
 4.Proper Measures to Avoid Conflicts of Interest
 5.Security Consideration
 6.Compliance with Laws and Regulations
SectionⅢ Conducting Research
 2.Informed Consent
 3.Protecting Personal Information
 4.Collecting, Managing, and Processing Data
 5.What Is Research Misconduct?
 6.Avoiding Questionable Research Practices
 7.Duty of Confidentiality
 8.Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator
SectionⅣ Presenting Research Results
 1.Presentation of Research Results
 3.Improper Authorship
 4.Improper Presentation Methods
SectionⅤ How to Conduct Joint Research
 1.Rise in Joint Research and Background
 2.Challenges in International Joint Research
 3.Points to Remember in Joint Research
 4.Positions of Graduate Students and Joint Research
SectionⅥ Appropriate Use of Research Funds
 2.Responsibilities of the Scientist
 3.Examples of Improper Use of Public Research Funds
 4.Measures Taken against Improper Use of Public Research Funds
SectionⅦ Contributing to Quality Improvement in Scientific Research
 1.Peer Review
 2.Guiding Younger Generations
 3.Ways to Prevent Research Misconduct
 4.Importance of Ethics Education in Research
 5.Prevention of Research Misconduct and Whistleblowing
SectionⅧ For the Progress of Society
 1.Role of the Scientist
 2.Dialogue between Scientists and Society
 3.Scientists and Professionalism