Studies on the Japanese Business Cycle

Studies on the Japanese Business Cycle

著者名 浅子 和美
発行元 丸善出版
発行年月日 2012年02月
判型 A5 210×148
ページ数 432ページ
ISBN 978-4-621-08500-4
Cコード 3333
ジャンル 社会科学




【Part I. The Japanese Business Cycle】
 Chapter 1:The Business Cycle in Japan
 Chapter 2:The Bubble Cycle and Macroeconomic Stabilization Policies:
Theoretical Issues and the Japanese Experience
 Chapter 3:The Japanese Economy in Retrospect: Bubble Economy, Long-Term Slump
and Recovery
 Chapter 4:Macroeconomic Adjustment to the Lehman Shock in Japan
【Part II. Models of Business Forcast and Business Judgment】
 Chapter 5:Models of Business Cycles Excluding Policy Effects
 Chapter 6:Formation of Forcasting by Forcasting Agencies
 Chapter 7: Firms’Perceptions of the Business Cycle and Their Managerial and
  Financial Conditions
 Chapter 8:Business Confidence Surveyed by Levels and Directions of Changes:
Are They Mutually Consistent?
【Part III. Business Cycle Analyses by Region and Country】
 Chapter 9:Business Cycle Leads and Lags by Region
 Chapter 10:Business Cycle Judgment by the Cumulative Prefectural Business Index(CPBI)
 Chapter 11: Regional Phillips Curves and Industrial Structure
 Chapter 12: Business Cycle Comovements between Japanese CI and Trade with Asia
 Chapter 13: Marginal Productivity Principle and Measurement Biases in TFP