About Maruzen Publishing

Maruzen Publishing Co., Ltd., formerly the publishing division of Maruzen Co., Ltd., was established on

February 1, 2011.


Maruzen’s publishing division started off in 1876 with the publication of Hironobu Tsuchiya’s abridged

translation of Shinyakuseiko (The efficacy of new drugs). Other titles—Kagaku-nikki (Chemistry diary;

1877), Butsuri-nikki (Physics diary; 1878), Shintaishiso (A collection of new-style poetry; 1882), and

Manabi no tomoshibi (Light of learning; magazine first issued in 1897, the name of which was later

changed to Gakuto [Light of learning])—followed, the company’s activities falling into step with Japan’s

trajectory of westernization and modernization begun in the 1860s to bring the wisdom of successive

ages to numerous readers thirsting for Western knowledge.


Today, Maruzen Publishing issues a comprehensive selection of Japan’s most representative manuals,

dictionaries, technical tomes, university textbooks and web contents, principally in the fields of

medicine, science and technology, thereby contributing to the development of science and technology.

Maruzen Publishing’s business encompasses a wide range of operations: these include producing visual

media products (DVDs and others) in many different fields, from nursing, care for the sick and infirm,

welfare, medicine and public health to physical education, art, psychology and business management,

and acting as marketer and wholesaler for general agent merchandise from the British

Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Open University of Japan and others.


Maruzen CHI Holdings’s vision is to become a corporate group creating knowledge and revolutionizing

distribution. Maruzen Publishing, in its role as a creator of academic and educational content, will

provide materials of interest in timely fashion in a wide variety of media and continue promoting

knowledge to readers.

Maruzen Publishing will work hard to make this vision a reality, and we look forward to your support.